Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Day #16: "The Breath of Fresh Air"

The Breath of Fresh Air is something that we couldn’t see every time. It’s like something different that will refresh our minds from the sort of stressful activities or boredom that we have at a certain time. It’s unexplainably special. It could come from a tiny little thing that we don’t even notice before. It’s like a color when everything we see is only black and white.  It’s a big smile in our faces when it’s suddenly shown up. Sometimes we never know that it’s coming to us. It’s personal. It creates the most comfortable feeling at a time like there’s no other positive emotion can do. It’s overwhelming. It could be a whole new energy to continue something we probably almost lose or give up. The energy that will help us make a right decision and kill some doubts. It’s such a special little gift that God give us for such a little time.
It’s actually a happiness. A short comfort. People would not feel that if they don’t even feel bad before. The bigger problem we have, the more extreme breath of the fresh air will cure.
We can find it anywhere. In books, in people we see, in neighborhood, in the mirror, we can even create it in our minds if in the end of the day we don’t see it anywhere.
This is a picture of my two-year-old nephew that live quite far from here. And it’s my today’s breath of fresh air.

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